Tombstone Treat Bags

Hi and welcome to the A Little Mo’ Crafty blog! I hope you’re having fun seeing all the new ideas in the CutCardStock Halloween Blog Hop. Let’s keep the “spirit” going (see what I did there??) with this spooky-cute idea for any party or trick-or-treater. We are going to make some funny gravestones with a secret treat inside!

We start with the Solar White Classic Linen paper from CutCardStock. It is cut into strips of about 2 1/2″ to 3″ wide and 11″ long, depending on the size of the candy you will use. The important thing is to score the strip at 3 points in the middle, so your candy won’t keep tipping over! Find the middle point of the strip, score it, and then score at a 1/2 inch on either side. Fold it over.

Next, find a pattern you like for the top of the gravestone. I used several different dies for this. The trick is to slip the paper underneath the top of the die and only push it through the machine far enough to cut off the top of the strip. You also could use the punch toppers they sell in various craft stores, or hand cut if you’d prefer!

Now, I always love the funny sayings on gravestones in a good Halloween display. There never seems to be a shortage of sayings that make me groan and giggle. I wanted to have a certain stone look to this paper and I just couldn’t find the color I want. You know what crafters do, then? Make it themselves!

Using a simple cotton ball, I started dabbing the colors from my palette on to the CutCardStock Solar White Classic Linen. It is a really great paper to absorb the colors from the water-based style pens. With this technique, I could blend 3 different colors of gray to achieve the marble stone look. If you like a more blended look, apply one drop of water to the color before dabbing. Don’t forget to dab all the edges!

Oh, the sayings for your gravestones are endless! Search Pinterest or the internet and you’ll find a ton of ideas. I used a small set of letter stamps and black ink. The final embellishments are some Halloween die shapes I had already – I cut the spider in CutCardStock’s Curious Metallic Violette and the bat in Metallic Black Night. Adhere these and add a tiny gem for some bling. Then, complete the look with a thin black border, drawn with pen.

Okay, now for the fun details about the blog hop! Would you like to be eligible for the $40 gift card to CutCardStock? You must make a comment on each blog along the way in the Halloween Blog Hop OR upload your very own project on the CutCardStock Blog, including CutCardStock products! Check the list below and make sure you didn’t miss a minute:

The winner will be randomly selected and announced on Monday, October 19th on the CutCardstock Blog and Facebook page. If you comment below, let me know what cute saying YOU might use on these candy tombstones. I’d love for you to check out Mo’ Crafty items on Instagram at @alittlemocrafty. Make sure to continue on to Leslie’s blog next and thanks for stopping by!

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